Wanderloot’s Grand Opening in Portland, Oregon


So the day finally arrived… Our doors are open! And as you can imagine, we are pretty excited. We were handed the keys just days before leaving on a buying trip for China so it was a mad rush to move in…


We hung vintage life preserver mirrors in the windows which were literally pulled off old ships…


Our newly arrived collection of heritage Jaipur blue pottery is finally on view…



We’ve been having fun mixing things up. We’re throwing together mid-century modern with vintage suzanis, industrial pieces with solid wood. And we’re draping kanthas just about everywhere!



We’re excited to finally bring these hand picked pieces we’ve found around the world to a retail home.



Come see our collection of gorgeous solid wood dining tables made from acacia and sheesham…


We’re exciting to share our new boho glam banjara handbags, which are perfect bling for the holiday season ahead.




Every piece has a story. Won’t you come wander with us? We look forward to making your acquaintance!

Wanderloot Store
2201 Lloyd Center #1033 – 2nd Floor Across from H&M
Portland, Oregon 97232
T: 503-281-1338 F: 503-281-6188

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm


Beginning a New Journey

For the last 6 years I’ve been dreaming about starting Wanderloot.com. What is Wanderloot, you might ask? Well, it started with an idea of selling things I find on trips overseas. My husband and I have a furniture business in Portland which requires frequent trips to Asia. Most of the stuff we shop for is traditional furniture. But I have a secret (and occasionally nagging) passion for traditional and ethnic items.

It started with the odd Mao tchotchke but over the years I’ve been travelling, I’ve gotten a better sense of what’s unique vs. the typical tourist fare you might find in Shanghai or Ho Chi Minh. I’ve also gotten better at bargaining (thanks to my husband’s mad skills). 

My goal is to launch Wanderloot.com within the next month or two. It will start with some cool pieces we’ve imported from Jodphur, India. My mission is to find one-of-a-kind, artisanal pieces which will bring a smile to your face, and a brightness to your house.

And by the way, I happened to Google “Wanderloot” and found that my made up name really isn’t so made up. James Joyce beat me to it in his novel “Finnegans Wake”.

Let Wanderloot.com begin…