Travel Diary: Celebrating Holi in Rajasthan

We just got back from a buying trip to India where we have been sourcing unique reclaimed Indian furniture. The trip marvelously coincided with a holiday in India called “Holi”.

David getting some local color.

Holi is an ancient Hindu celebration of Spring, which is known as the “Festival of Colors”. It is observed on the last full moon of the lunar month.

Participants traditionally throw bright, vibrant paint powders at friends and strangers to celebrate the arrival of spring.  It also commemorates the Hindu god Krishna’s pranks, and allows people to drop their inhibitions and simply play and dance.

We had a blast celebrating with one of our Indian factories and spent the afternoon throwing paint and dancing with the factory workers.

David and Julie looking very colorful.

Some of the factory workers were dressed up as women dancers, and a DJ played loud dance beats.

The paints took days to come off, but it was well worth it. A great time was had by all! We can’t wait to join in the merriment again.