The Society Inc – Sibella Court’s Sydney Shop

IMG_6368In honor of Sibella Court’s new book “Gypsy: A World of Colors and Interiors” which came out on the 15th, I’m finally posting the pictures from my visit to The Society, Inc. – stylist and designer, Sibella Court’s adorable shop in the Paddington neighborhood of Sydney. IMG_6362Sibella is well known for her series of design books and her work with clothing retailer Anthropologie. She has an eclectic, global design aesthetic that’s followed closely by avid devotees such as myself.

IMG_6363 Sibella re-designs her shop about four times a year, with different themes, colors and collections. IMG_6371 An eclectic mix of accessories, home goods, hardwares and whimsical art pieces, Sibella’s magic is how she arranges objects in interesting and unusual ways. IMG_6375While in Sydney, I was super excited to get an autographed copy of “The Life of a Bowerbird: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Collect”. I was hoping to meet the author, but unfortunately she wasn’t in the shop that day.

IMG_6376 Sibella also designs a line of paints for Murobond, which she often features in the store’s themes.IMG_6379In her latest book “Gypsy” she travels to the Galápagos, Ecuador, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, Scotland, and Romania—featuring local trends, architecture, color schemes and crafts.  IMG_6384If you happen to be in Sydney, enjoy a leisurely afternoon browsing the curiosities and collections Sibella’s collected from home and abroad. You won’t be able to resist buying a piece or two…

The Society Inc. 18 Stewart St Paddington 2021
Open Wed-Sat 11am-5pm
Telephone 02 9331 1592


Nomad by Sibella Court – A global design inspiration

“Who I am… I am a treasure hunter, beachcomber, and bowerbird.”
Sibella Court

Stylist Sibella Court’s upcoming publication of “Nomad” follows her previous books – “The Stylist’s Guide to NYC” and “Etcetera“. I first saw her on “Man Shops Globe” when Keith Johnson was in Australia sourcing product for Anthropologie. She has a studio/shop in Sydney called “The Society Inc.” which she totally transforms with the seasons.

"Japan" shot from "Nomad" via

Sibella’s style is global, quirky, bohemian, and undeniably feminine. In her new book “Nomad” she demonstrates how her travels have inspired her eclectic interiors. The book is divided into sections by country – Italy, India, Syria and Mexico.

"Mexico" shot from "Nomad" via

Here are some great take away tips:
-Play with/mix textures.
-Don’t be concerned about colors and patterns – make your own fort and display remnants and quilts picked up on your travels.
-Styling your home doesn’t have to be expensive-reuse, add, subtract, combine- to create new eye-catching combinations of stuff you already own.

The book is a great inspiration on how to incorporate found objects into a cohesive interior design theme. Available only from at the moment (US release Nov. 23rd.)

Check out Sibella’s trip to Japan here:

Japan – Nomad from Sibella Court – The Society inc. on Vimeo.