Wanderloot’s Grand Opening in Portland, Oregon


So the day finally arrived… Our doors are open! And as you can imagine, we are pretty excited. We were handed the keys just days before leaving on a buying trip for China so it was a mad rush to move in…


We hung vintage life preserver mirrors in the windows which were literally pulled off old ships…


Our newly arrived collection of heritage Jaipur blue pottery is finally on view…



We’ve been having fun mixing things up. We’re throwing together mid-century modern with vintage suzanis, industrial pieces with solid wood. And we’re draping kanthas just about everywhere!



We’re excited to finally bring these hand picked pieces we’ve found around the world to a retail home.



Come see our collection of gorgeous solid wood dining tables made from acacia and sheesham…


We’re exciting to share our new boho glam banjara handbags, which are perfect bling for the holiday season ahead.




Every piece has a story. Won’t you come wander with us? We look forward to making your acquaintance!

Wanderloot Store
2201 Lloyd Center #1033 – 2nd Floor Across from H&M
Portland, Oregon 97232
T: 503-281-1338 F: 503-281-6188

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm


Peacock Pavilions: Marrakesh Global Design Oasis

IMG_4959If you’re a fan of global design, you’re probably familiar with My Marrakesh, the blog about Moroccan living by designer, hotelier and humanitarian Maryam Montague. She’s become quite the phenomenon over the last few years. Not only the writer of a drool worthy design blog set in North Africa, she’s the author of the recently published “Marrakesh by Design” – a guide to fabulous Moroccan design.IMG_4594

Oh, and there was the article in Elle Decor… So when my husband and I decided to travel to Morocco for our 10 year wedding anniversary, a stay at Peacock Pavilions was a must.


Designed by Montague and her architect husband Chris Redecke, Peacock Pavilions consists of a main house and two stand alone villas. We stayed for 3 nights and were lucky to have the Atlas Villa all to ourselves. IMG_4584

Peacock Pavilions is filled to the brim with Montague’s objets trouvés. Everywhere you look there are tassels, sequins, pottery, embroidery, feathers, carved wood, intricate tile work, and elaborate stencil designs. It is a veritable trove of Aladdin’s treasures. I was lucky enough to peak behind the doors, camera in hIMG_4984and…IMG_4567

Below is the gorgeous Golden Gazelles room we stayed in. J’adore the French poster and the luxurious stenciling behind the bed (based on a screen Maryam saw in a Christie’s catalog). Moroccan embroidered pillows and a vintage Kantha blanket make the bed pop while the African mud cloth fabric on the wood chairs are a nice contemporary accent. By keeping with the black and gold color theme, the different cultures and styles blend beautifully.

IMG_4533This is the view from the bed. What a marvelous fireplace! I could imagine cuddling up in this bed on a cold winter night. So romantic.IMG_4546This is the view from the rooftop patio above our bedroom. Throughout the day you can hear the call to prayer from the local mosque. Olive orchards surround the property and we enjoyed the delicious olive oil they produce from the trees each year.IMG_4745Here are some pictures from the main building. You enter Peacock Pavilions through these amazing rooms. I could spend hours looking at all the lovely and eclectic pieces (Egyptian driving glasses and Coptic crosses) in this collection.IMG_4578 IMG_4583 IMG_4586Maryam sells her treasures through the website Red Thread Souk. Here are some of the gorgeous Moroccan rugs on offer…IMG_4588If I had room in my suitcase I would have snapped a couple up. Morocco is frustrating in that way – too many beautiful pieces and not enough weight allowance in your luggage. But Maryam does ship internationally, so I may still buy one yet…IMG_4949And here are more lovely room shots…IMG_4974IMG_4596 IMG_4934IMG_4950 IMG_4963Drooling yet? Peacock Pavilions is all about the details. Inlaid antique door furniture, old Moroccan posters and French newspapers, jewelry hung as art… IMG_4975How about this tasseled saddle, old djellaba cape or hanging tasseled hoods? Have you noticed there are a lot of tassels at Peacock Pavilions?IMG_4923 IMG_4951Don’t you love the beautiful stenciled stairs and tile work on the floors of this kitchen?IMG_4970 IMG_4972The color and pattern mix at Peacock Pavilions is never overdone or too matchy-matchy which makes the decor feel fresh and not theatrical. The combined effect is totally inspiring. I came home and immediately started re-organizing my own travel collections. Isn’t that what travel does? Open your eyes to new possibilities?IMG_4572 IMG_4960 IMG_4967We hope you enjoyed our virtual Moroccan postcard and are inspired to new heights in global design chic. And if you get a chance, you really should visit…

Go to www.peacockpavilions.com


The Society Inc – Sibella Court’s Sydney Shop

IMG_6368In honor of Sibella Court’s new book “Gypsy: A World of Colors and Interiors” which came out on the 15th, I’m finally posting the pictures from my visit to The Society, Inc. – stylist and designer, Sibella Court’s adorable shop in the Paddington neighborhood of Sydney. IMG_6362Sibella is well known for her series of design books and her work with clothing retailer Anthropologie. She has an eclectic, global design aesthetic that’s followed closely by avid devotees such as myself.

IMG_6363 Sibella re-designs her shop about four times a year, with different themes, colors and collections. IMG_6371 An eclectic mix of accessories, home goods, hardwares and whimsical art pieces, Sibella’s magic is how she arranges objects in interesting and unusual ways. IMG_6375While in Sydney, I was super excited to get an autographed copy of “The Life of a Bowerbird: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Collect”. I was hoping to meet the author, but unfortunately she wasn’t in the shop that day.

IMG_6376 Sibella also designs a line of paints for Murobond, which she often features in the store’s themes.IMG_6379In her latest book “Gypsy” she travels to the Galápagos, Ecuador, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, Scotland, and Romania—featuring local trends, architecture, color schemes and crafts.  IMG_6384If you happen to be in Sydney, enjoy a leisurely afternoon browsing the curiosities and collections Sibella’s collected from home and abroad. You won’t be able to resist buying a piece or two…

The Society Inc. 18 Stewart St Paddington 2021
Open Wed-Sat 11am-5pm
Telephone 02 9331 1592

Wanderloot’s Winter Sale – 35% Off All Purses & Handbags

Black Beaded Croc Print Leather Clutch in Midnight Blue
Thai Black Beaded Croc Print Leather Clutch in Midnight Blue

Wanderloot’s Winter Sale – 35% Off All Purses & Handbags! Isn’t it time you treated yourself? Beat the winter winter blahs with your choice of one-of-a-kind handbags and purses collections from Vietnam, Bali and Thailand!

Hand Embroidered Hill Tribe Carryall
Hand Embroidered Hill Tribe Carryall
Embroidered Hmong Hill Tribe Satchel
Embroidered Hmong Hill Tribe Satchel

Includes our one-of-a-kind Hmong Hill Tribe Handbag Collection made from vintage Hmong fabric sourced from Vietnam. Each purse features handcrafted cross stitch embroidery designs that are unique to each Hill Tribe village.

Carnelian Beaded Thai Silk Evening Clutch
Carnelian Beaded Thai Silk Evening Clutch

Check out our cool silk and leather designer beaded Thai Handbag Collection – total one-of-a-kind luxe.

The Bali Bag
The Bali Bag

The sale also includes our intricately woven Balinese Ate Grass Handbag Collection which combine old world Indonesian craftsmanship and modern styling.

Balinese Ate Grass Handbag - Jimbaran Style
Balinese Ate Grass Handbag – Jimbaran Style

Go to Hand Embroided Hill Tribe Handbag Collection Sale.
Go to Balinese Ate Bag Collection Sale.
Go to Leather & Silk Thai Handbag Collection Sale.

All of our Wanderloot items are one-of-kind. Sale ends January 10th.

Rock & Roll Pillows from Bangkok

Root Pillow - Granite

I was recently in Bangkok and found these cool pillows at the Chatuchak Market. Chatuchak Market is a sprawling indoor/outdoor market that sells everything from antique Buddhas to puppies.

Puppies for Sale
Wood Rings Pillow - Cream

There are a lot of really talented young Thai designers, and the Chatuchak Market is great place to find new styles.

Pebble Pillow - Rudy

Made from super soft recycled cotton (like from a well-worn sweatshirt), these pillows are great looking and feeling!  The pillows are filled with down inserts, and easily unzip.  Throw these pillows on chair or sofa to add a bit of rock and roll to your room.

To see all the pillow styles go here or Wanderloot.com.

Get Ready for Spring with Colorful Hmong Bags

Banish the winter blues with these super cute Hmong bags. Before I started Wanderloot, I always made it a priority to pick up a new bag when visiting Vietnam. They have a fun boho-feel to them with their hand stitching and embroidery. They also add a great pop of color to your outfit. I always get compliments, and you can be sure no one at the office will have one.
Embroidered Hmong Hill Tribe Messenger
Embroidered Hmong Hill Tribe Satchel
Embroidered Hmong Hill Tribe Carryall

To see more styles click here.

Home Sweet Home

Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam

I’m home, but my mind and body isn’t! I sometimes wonder if our ability to travel time zones in mere hours, is beyond our physical ability to process.

We had a great trip – Shanghai, Ningbo, Haining, Anji, Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Bien Hoa, Hoi An… The good news is I found some fabulous new loot. The bad news… you’re going to have to wait to see it! I’ll be posting stuff in the coming weeks so keep checking back. In the meantime, refer your friends to our Wanderloot.com newsletter – 10% off for signing up in the month of January! 

Hoi An was a new discovery. Super cute historical town on the South China Sea in Central Vietnam. I’ll be posting a Travel Diary on this shortly. Jusque-là mes chéris!

A Rich Kaleidoscope Pillow from India

18 x 18 Embroidered Kaleidoscope Pillow from India
I’ve been madly uploading photos to Wanderloot.com with the hopes of launching soon.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come – a super fun embroidered pillow from India. It’s made from linen and comes with a pillow down insert.  It adds a wonderful pop of color to any room. 

Taikang Lu – Shanghai Shopping


Cafes at Taikang Lu.

When I have the opportunity to shop in Shanghai, I take it. The city is constantly changing and you never know what will pop up (or disappear). 

A couple years ago, I read an article in the NY Times on a new area called Taikang Lu. It was difficult to find and in the process of getting lost, I managed to acquire a very bizarre cross-stitched portrait of Mao at an old antiques shop. 

Old Mao cross-stitch. Reads "Mao Forever".

At the time, the area was a small cluster of stores and galleries mixed in with apartments.

Fast forward to 2010 and Taikang Lu is a must-stop shop in every tourist’s guide book.  The stores and restaurants are too numerous to mention. 

One of the cool things about this area is the Chinese government allowed the redevelopment (after a protest by locals and artists) of the old 1930’s shikumen buildings rather than demolish and rebuild; a pattern all too commonplace. China is obsessed with everything new, and Taikang Lu is the exception – a wonderful mix of old and modern.

Old and new meet in Taikang Lu.

Storefronts share space with old ladies lounging in doorways (with socks fashionably planted in their sandals) and underwear hanging overhead.  The prices have gone up dramatically, but I’m sure it’s commensurate with the rents. (Not.)


Recommended stops:

KOMMUNE for breakfast or a shopping pick-me-up.

Kommune @ Taikang Lu

Their huge bowls of coffee are legendary. It’s a great spot to watch the tourist groups and backpackers wandering through.

Kommune serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is well known for weekend brunch menu and solid cafe fare.

Kommune Address: The Yard, No. 7, Lane 210, Taikang Lu, China

DECK ERH ART CENTER AND OLD CHINA HAND READING ROOM & CAFE.  Deck Erh is a photographer, traveler, and cultural impresario who hosts exhibits of his own work, and various other art exhibits and musical recitals. Old China Hand Books is a local publisher who reprints and publishes historical books on Shanghai you can’t find anywhere else (and I’ve looked).

Deck Erh Art Center Address: 2-1, 210 Taikang Lu Hours: 9:30-5:30pm

“à ” on Taikang Lu.

“à ” is a shop that sells blank ceramic China babies. You can buy a blank baby and design it with colored pens. It’s a wacky little concept, which is probably why I like it. Check out the website here: www.toygu.com The name of the store is taken from the French “à ”, which means “at”. It also makes it impossible to Google. 

“à ” address: Lane 210, Taikang Lu

SHANGHAI HARVEST STUDIO features hand embroidered Miao tribe clothes and fabric goods. Often you can watch Miao women as they sew. This store is one of the older ones in Taikang Lu (and one of my original faves).

Shanghai Harvest Studio

Unfortunately it has fallen victim to price hikes. It’s worth a peek to check out unique embroidery pieces, but save your money and go to Wanderloot.com for Hilltribe pieces at a fraction of the cost.

Shanghai Harvest Studio Address: Suite 118, No. 3 Building No. 210 Taikang Lu