Global Style – Eames House, Pacific Palisades

I just picked up this wonderful new book: “Handcrafted Modern” by Leslie Williamson. Rarely has “old” looked so new in this book of mid-century modern interiors. In fact, the Eames house in Pasadena looks like it could be a chic new interior designed by Commune.

Also known as Case Study House No. 8, the “democratic mix of tribal and native art and textiles testifies to the Eameses’ omnivorous love of all design.” Williamson goes on to say “When I looked at the different patterns and colors of the numerous rugs, blankets and pillows, I could never have imagined that they would sit so harmoniously together.” Love that. Have no fear! Mix it up. If you like it, you can find a way to make it work in your home. I may be biased, but our kilim pillows would look great here too!


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Kilim Pillows Galore!

Roman Alonso's LA Apt. 12/10 Issue of House Beautiful

Bohemian chic is nothing new, but I’ve been seeing a lot kilim pillows in design magazines. Here’s a shot of Roman Alonso’s LA apartment in the December issue of House Beautiful. He’s got gorgeous kilim pillows scattered about. To see the article go here.

At we got our hands a cache of lovely kilims with designs sourced from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Persia, Iran, Moldavia and China. Thrown on a leather sofa, or tossed on the floor, these pillows add a great pop of color to the room.  Click here to see‘s kilim selection.

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