Unique Piece – Burmese Boar Tusk Hat

Burmese Boar Tusk Hat
Here’s a picture of the hat my husband hates. I found it in Siem Reap, Cambodia but it’s originally from Burma. From what I can find online, it looks like it might be from the Naga tribe, who were headhunters. Egads! What can I say, it’s bizarre and I love it. If anyone has more information on this piece, fill me in. And no, it’s not for sale (although my husband would disagree!

Siem Reap, Cambodia – January 2010

Tree roots growing over Ta Prohm Temple.

We try and take a couple days on every business trip to visit a new city in Asia.  I’ve been wanting to go to Cambodia for years, and finally in January, the planets aligned.  January is perfect, weather-wise for visiting the temples.  Any hotter and you’d be just exhausted. 

And how was it? Lovely. Siem Reap is such a chill Southeast Asian town. Great restaurants, a fun expat scene, festive night market and of course, loads of hotel options (which weren’t full due to the depressed world economy). And hardly any motorcyles.  After the incessant bike buzzing of Ho Chi Minh, it was a great respite. 

And of course there was Angkor Wat.  What can I say?  It was exquisite. You could spend days wandering around the temples.  We only had two full days, and saw at least 6 temples. So gorgeous. Lots of different countries are involved in restoration projects.  The people were lovely.  So many sad stories in this country’s history (our driver and his wife are both orphans), but everyone is so optimistic. The country is looking forward.  You really should come check it out. 


Our charming hotel Pavillon Indochine: It’s down a little dirt road but don’t let that scare you.  You’ll wake up to Buddhist chanting from the temple next door. Bliss!

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