Food Diary: Seafood Sunset Dinner on Jimbaran Beach, Bali

IMG_9073One of the classic Bali experiences is eating fresh barbecued seafood on Jimbaran Beach. We hired a driver for the day and took a day trip to Uluwatu to see the surf breaks. We ended the day at Jimbaran Beach for some amazing seafood and views.IMG_9087IMG_9059 IMG_9058There are a number of restaurants on the beach, and I’ve read different advice on where to eat. Some guide books say to eat near the resort hotels because former employees have opened up their restaurants in front. IMG_9079 IMG_9078We winged it and picked this place because it was named “Matahari”. Who doesn’t love a cool female spy? Actually, in Javanese (Indonesian), “Mata Hari” means “Eye of Dawn,” or early sunrise. Mata Hari is also one of the many names of Parvati, the Hindu goddess.IMG_9064 IMG_9103 We selected our seafood before sitting down – there’s a wide array of fish, shellfish, lobster, calamari and even live chickens to choose from. There were some lovely sambals and chili sauces to dip them in.IMG_9106IMG_9125The food was delicious, the sunset was spectacular.IMG_9093 IMG_9119I wandered up the beach where this guy was barbecuing corn with coconut oil. Not a bad place to work…IMG_9126And if you’re lucky, this cute little fellow might come begging for some food.
Visiting Jimbaran Beach: Check out this Wiki link on Jimbaran Beach:


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