Marrakesh by Design – Moroccan Design Inspiration

I just received my copy of Maryam Montague’s Marrakesh by Design book in the mail, and I’m ready to sell everything and move to Morocco (especially since Portland is so drizzly right now). I’ve been a huge fan of Maryam’s blog: My Marrakesh for several years and it’s a thrill to read her gorgeous new book.

Peacock Pavilions (photo from website)

Ms. Montague is a human rights specialist who recently built a gorgeous boutique hotel – Peacock Pavilions – in Marrakesh, with her architect husband.  The book features her hotel as well as other inspiring Moroccan interiors.

Marayam Montague & Chris Redecke (Image by Elle Decor.)
Image: Holly Becker for decor8
Stenciled stairs. Image: Holly Becker for decor8

The book is broken down into three sections – Discovering/Living/Sourcing Moroccan design. It has several informative DIY guides on how to bring a Moroccan aesthetic into your home. There are great instructions on stenciling (floors and ceilings), as well as pointers on where to find the kinds of items that will add North African glamor to your home.

Image: Elle Decor
Image: Elle Decor

Montague does a great job of combining traditional Moroccan elements with modern design, and then tosses in eclectic pieces from her travels to mix things up. From Ikea pieces to gorgeous Moroccan wedding blankets, her design is fun, fresh, exotic and now! Get a copy of the book and prepare to be inspired.

Image: Holly Becker for decor8.
Image: Holly Becker for decor8
Image: Holly Becker for decor8
Photo: Lonny Magazine

Marrakesh by Design” by Maryam Montague, Artisan Books, $29.95 hardcover; 264 pages


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