MICHAEL KENNA “Hokkaido To Huangshan” – m97 Gallery

Michael Kenna – Reflected Tree – Hongcun, Anhui, China

m97 Gallery in Shanghai has a gorgeous new show up by photographer Michael Kenna titled “Hokkaido to Huangshan”. It runs 17 Mar – 20 May 2012. Here’s what m97’s website says: 

Michael Kenna – Skyline, Study 4 – Shanghai, China

Michael Kenna is widely known for his enigmatic and ethereal landscape photographs, and is regarded as a present-day master of the black and white genre. Often using minimal elements and compositions, Kenna creates works of extreme beauty that touch the pinnacle of the viewer’s imagination.

Michael Kenna – Torii, Study 2, Takaishima, Biwa Lake, Honshu, Japan

The timeless landscapes of China’s Huangshan Mountain and Hokkaido’s pristine natural world have been a source of inspiration for painters and poets throughout history.

Michael Kenna – Huangshan Mountains, Study 37 – Anhui, China

Uniquely-shaped granite peaks, statuesque pine trees, rock faces, zen-like winter snow scapes, and the fleeting elements – clouds, fog, mist – are in a constant state of flux between tension and resolution throughout Kenna’s work.

Michael Kenna – Huangshan Mountains, Study 42 – Anhui, China

Often using hour-long exposures at twilight or dawn, his poetic photographs seem to reduce the quintessence of a scene to it’s most primal and important components, resulting in a visual haiku-like style that borders on the other worldy.

Michael Kenna – Lijiang River, Study 7 – Guilin, China
Michael Kenna – Lake Bridge – Hongcun, Anhui, China
Michael Kenna – Skyline, Study 3 – Shanghai, China

“My works are like Haiku more than prose. I don’t describe what is there. Instead, I tend to employ one or two elements as the catalyst of my imagination,” says Kenna.

Michael Kenna – Pine Trees, Study 3, Wolcheon, Gangwondo, South Korea
Michael Kenna – Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 4, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan
Michael Kenna – The Bund, Study 1 – Shanghai, China
Michael Kenna – Lijiang River, Study 8, Guilin, China
Michael Kenna – Skyline, Study 5 – Shanghai, China
Michael Kenna – Huangshan Mountains, Study 25, Anhui, China

Check it out!

m97 Gallery No. 97 Moganshan Road, 2nd floor
Shanghai, China – 200060 (+8621) 6266.1597
Hours: Tues-Sat 10am – 6pm;
Sun 12 – 6pm. Monday by appointment only


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