Travel Diary: Up the Amazon Part 2

What would a trip to the Amazon be without fishing for piranhas? We took a motorboat off the main river to a lake area. We loaded up our hooks with raw chicken and dropped them into the water. Whoosh – and the meat was gone! The secret is to drop the hook and yank it up as soon as you feel a tug.  After several tries – success! The kitchen fried up our afternoon catch but I’m pretty certain the piranhas had a heartier meal than we did.

Other highlights – viewing sloths high up in the trees, and swimming in the Amazon. The swim was a pretty quick dip because I couldn’t shake my fear of anacondas. It didn’t help that our guide found a poisonous coral snake near the shore…

It was also great to visit a nearby village. I bought a beaded necklace
from a heavily pregnant woman. The local children were too cute.

On the last night we took a boat ride under the stars. Breathtaking would be an
understatement. I’ve never seen the sky as luminous…

Something to keep in mind when booking an Amazon lodge: Muyuna does not keep wild animals. Unfortunately a number of lodges keep wild animals in cages. Also check and make sure the guides are well educated and support environmental stewardship.


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