Travel Diary: Up the Amazon – Muyuna Lodge

The Amazon. It was as wild and exotic as we imagined it to be. We landed in Iquitos (via Lima) and spent a couple days at La Casa Fitzcarraldo before taking a speedboat up the Amazon to Muyuna Lodge. Muyuna is 84 miles upriver from Iquitos, which takes about 2 1/2 hours by speedboat.

On the way we saw a leaping pink dophin, and enjoyed seeing how people go about their daily lives on the river. Notice the chickens perched on the edge of the boat below.                                                                                                               When we arrived, we quickly realized our cell phones and computers wouldn’t work. And guess what? We were okay with it! Every afternoon a heavy tropical rain pounded on the roof of our little hut. And there was nothing to do, but relax. The gloriously strange sound of the jungle (birds, insects?) was incredibly loud, but ultimately it became a pleasant white (or should I say green?) noise.                                                                                                                                 There were a number of outings a day – boat rides on the river and nighttime treks through the jungle led by machete wielding guides.                                          In fact, we were so relaxed, we opted out of a few. The Amazon is vast and the animals are beautiful if not elusive – can you see the bird blending into the trees? Many things in the Amazon seem super-sized. Check out these huge green pads!                                                                                                                                      Or this huge tarantula right outside the dining room…

Around every corner there was something new and intriguing.

More to come in my next post…


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