Albert Kahn’s Color Photographs from a Lost Age


Afar magazine just did a lovely feature on Albert Kahn’s photography collection. Who was Albert Kahn? Apparently a very wealthy man.

Albert Kahn

In 1909 the banker and philanthropist commissioned a group of photographers to travel to over 50 countries and take some of the world’s first color photographs. Kahn was a big believer in the new autochrome process which was the world’s first usable color photography system. His intention behind the of photography project was to promote international peace and understanding. Pretty noble, I’d say!

Intrigued by the magazine article, I did an Internet search and found a great website the BBC Books has put together featuring the photographs as well as a book called “The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn”.


The photographs capture a world on the edge of massive change. The collection totals over 72,000 autochromes. It can been viewed at the Musée Albert-Kahn estate near Paris.


I think the saturated colors are just stunning.

Taj Mahal, India.

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