Gypset Style by Julia Chaplin – A Glam Nomad Fantasy

I finally got around to picking up “Gypset Style” by Julia Chaplin. I’m a little reticent to embrace cutesy names like “Gypset” (the marriage of “gypsy” and “jetset”). However, I have to say, I enjoyed the book and bought into the fantasy. Maybe it was the endless rain in the Northwest this year, but it made me wish I was on a warm beach in Goa.

The book evokes the bohemian glamour of Talitha Getty on a rooftop in Marrakesh, and its modern day version – the beautiful Mignot sisters on the beach in Sayulita, Mexico.

It’s a fantasy of course, because we know Talitha’s world ended in an overdose in Rome, the Beats were alcohol-addled and many on the Hippy Trail never found enlightenment. But the idea of wandering the world – with enough style to look glamorous, money to redo a riad or build a treehouse in Kenya –  it sure looks good in pictures. And it’s a nice escape on a rainy day.

Carolyn Roumeguere's treehouse on Lamu Island, Kenya.

I’m especially jealous of the treehouse.


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