Ethiopian Crosses in Feb/Mar Elle Decor

Ethiopian Crosses in Liza Bruce’s Home – Marrakech, Morocco
I just got my copy of Elle Decor and I’m drooling over Liza Bruce’s home in Marrakech. This is apparently one of several places the fashion designer and her husband, artist Nicholas Alvis Vega, have around the world. Check out the Ethiopian crosses (also called “Coptic” crosses) on the mantle. I thought the way they’re displayed as a pair, look great.

Their pleasure palace (Vega’s words) is filled with gorgeous tribal accents and a riot of beautiful colors – pink, purple and green walls. This is my dream home, but my husband would kill me. I get in trouble for picking up all kinds of strange, but beautiful pieces (my recent find – a Burmese tribal hat with boar tusks – caused a big fight). Oh well. A girl can dream…

If you’re interesting in bringing a bit this high-style nomad vibe into your home, check out the crosses we have for sale on
Ethiopian "Gondor" Cross
Ethiopian "Lalibela" Cross
Ethiopian "Lalibela" Cross

To read about our trip to Ethiopia, go here.


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