Amsterdam – Dutch Design Mecca

We stopped over in Amsterdam on the way back from a family wedding in Ethiopia. It had been 15+ years since I had been there last, and in the meantime, Amsterdam has become a premiere contemporary design capital. Guess what that means? Great shopping!
My first stop was The Frozen Fountain. Sitting alongside a canal, this store maintains close ties with Netherland’s art academies and carries a wide range of cutting edge contemporary designs – furniture, lighting, fabrics and home accessories.
Trianon Lamps by Paula Arntzen

I love these lamps made from Tyvek material –  designed by Paula Arntzen for Artenica.

The Frozen Fountain: Prinsengracht 629, 1016 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moooi Gallery

The Godfather of Dutch design is Marcel Wanders. Member of the design groups Droog and Moooi, Wanders has been responsible for some of the coolest pieces in contemporary design.

Marcel Wander’s Moooi Gallery is in central Amsterdam and is a blast to check out especially if you’re in the market for a lifesize horse lamp or pig side table(!)

Moooi Egg Vases - Molded from Eggs in a Condom

 Moooi Gallery: Westerstraat 187, 1015 MA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another fun stop is the Droog shop. Droog is a Dutch design collective known for their witty design (the name come from the Dutch word drooga which means “dry” or “wry”).

Tejo Remy - Chest of Drawers, Model #45 : "You Can't Lay Down Your Memories"

 Droog Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam




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